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Business Insurance for more than 45 years dedicated to helping our readers do their jobs better every day

Business Insurance is the authoritative news and information source for executives concerned about risk and the impact on their business. With information for risk managers, benefits managers, insurers, brokers and other providers of insurance products and services, Business Insurance delivers in-depth analysis on new and emerging risks, case studies of successful programs, market intelligence on trends, and guidance on how to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges. Business Insurance covers core risk management and insurance areas such as property/casualty insurance, health insurance, captive insurance and other alternative risk transfer vehicles, and enterprise risk management.

Business Insurance provides in-depth coverage of specific industries such as health care, construction, transportation and energy. You will also read about the latest trends in specialty risks such as cyber liability, political risk, reputational risk and emerging risks such as green energy and fracking. We also cover workers compensation and a spectrum of topics within employee benefits such as legislative developments and wellness programs. We explore the technology and processes that facilitate the management of risk and the delivery of insurance products and services. Business Insurance covers the operational and strategic concerns of brokers, insurers, reinsurers and consultants for the industry.

Delivered in a multi-media mix, including a bi-weekly print magazine, tablet apps, digital replica, and daily online and mobile news, Business Insurance helps readers do their jobs better.


Business Insurance, which debuted on Oct. 30, 1967, is a publication of Crain Communications Inc.

What is now known as Crain Communications Inc. was started in Louisville, Ky., in 1916 by G.D. Crain Jr., who continued to conduct its affairs until his death in 1973. He started with a staff of three people and two publications - Class, which was subsequently renamed Industrial Marketing, and which is still published by the company as Business Marketing, and Hospital Management, a magazine for hospital administrators, which was sold during the 1950s. The tiny staff moved to Chicago later in 1916. In 1930, Mr. Crain launched Advertising Age, the international newspaper of marketing, and the company was incorporated as Advertising Publications Inc. Subsequently, as its publishing interests broadened beyond the advertising and marketing field, the corporate name was changed to its present title.

The company has a remarkable record of long, stable management. It has had only three chairmen and three presidents since its founding. G.D. Crain Jr. served as president until 1964, when he relinquished that title to veteran employee Sidney R. Bernstein, and assumed the title of chairman of the board. His widow, Gertrude R. Crain, became chairman upon his death in 1973, and continued in that post until her death in 1996. Sid Bernstein gave up the presidency in 1973 in favor of Rance Crain, elder son of G.D. Crain Jr., who continues in that post with Keith Crain, his brother, serving first as vice-chairman of the company and later elected chairman in 1997.

Crain has grown substantially from its modest beginnings, and now numbers 30 publications and a variety of other services. Links to some of the other Crain publications' websites can be found in the Links section of the Business Insurance website, and also at Crain's corporate home page,

The company is privately owned, with nearly all of the stock owned by the Crain family and active employees. It has an unusual record of enlightened management and thoughtful consideration of employees, as evidenced by the fact that it was among the early companies to put an employee profit-sharing plan into effect. This plan is totally funded by the company, and has been in continuous operation since 1943. Crain was also among the early companies to establish life and medical insurance plans for workers. It installed a comprehensive pension plan in 1959, a dental plan in 1981 and in addition, has maintained a year-end bonus plan for many years.

Business Insurance currently has a staff of 40 employees, operating from major cities in the United States and in London. For more information on staff members, please click on the appropriate links at left to learn more about our editorial and sales staff.